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As part of my senior project, I am investigating open source flight controllers.
After looking at the ROS Flight controller code , I noticed that you have only used yaw rate in it. Other controllers often use both yaw rate and angle.
I would appreciate it if someone could tell me which paper or thesis is used for control strategy in ROS Flight.


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    Hey. sorry I haven't seen this until now.

    In the firmware itself, we are using standard PID control on the euler angles roll and pitch, and yaw rate. These are implemented according to the PID control scheme described in "Small Unmanned Aircraft" by Randy Beard and Tim McLain. The reason we perform only yaw rate control is that we don't have a global yaw angle estimator in the firmware itself, and therefore can't control to a global yaw angle. To dramatically reduce the firmware complexity, the firmware is designed to be used with an onboard computer which performs this higher-level control and estimation. Good examples for full 6-DoF estimation and control are found in the byu_magicc/roscopter and byu-magicc/rosplane ROS packages.

    The full 6-DoF estimation and control strategy for fixed-wing aircraft is documented in Small Unmanned Aircraft, while the full estimation and control strategy for multirotors is no so clearly documented. Randy is working on a new book that will document this more clearly, but it's a mashup of Randy's infamous Quadrotor Notes and an implementation of a multiplicative EKF similar to the RMEKF by Dan Koch et. al.

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