Best of the best flight controller

I read that ROSFlight run better on Flip32+ but the product is out of stock.
Any conseil for a flight controller fully supported by rosflight
I need to build a professional hexacopter.

P.S.: please, someone canm also confirm me that "Flip32" and Flip32+" are the same controller?

Many thanks


  • Hey Davide

    As of right now, ROSflight is only supported on F1-based boards. The flip32+ is suggested because of the through-hole boot pins. However, like you pointed out it has become unavailable.

    All versions of the naze32 are fully supported, so long as it is an F1 board. We are in the middle of a port to F4 boards, so we will be supported on the REVO and similar variants. That could take a while though.

    Sorry about that!

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