Firmware port to XRotor Nano F4

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a port of the Revo (F4) release to the Hobbywing XRotor Nano F4, which assumingly requires to use EEPROM based parameter management. (#144)

In order to proceed with the development I wanted to use on-chip debugging but I am missing the SWD outputs. I have tried finding them manually with conductivity tests based on the exposed solder pads/test points, but without success.

Is there some standard for how these pins are usually exposed on Nano-type FCU formfactors or does someone know a way to trace them from the STM32F4? I tried soldering directly to the chips leads but currently lacking proper equipment to do it reliably. (The pins that I was aiming for were : PA13 / SWDIO and PA14 / SWCLK , PA14 / JTDI , PB3 / JTDO , PB4 / NJTRST ))

The flight controller hardware documentation is unfortunately confidential and the customer support did not share the SWD pin/pads location on request. In their response mail they commented that the layout/peripheral of the board coincides with the OMNIBUSF4SD Beta/Cleanflight firmware. (Details of the FCU and manuals can be found here.)