Ground Control Station/Mission Planner?

Hi guys,
Is there any GCS/Mission Planner (like QGroundControl) for RosFlight educational purpose?
I am trying to fly with gazebo for better understanding it internals (Excuse me for my ignorance) and I don’t have a JoyStick.

So how can I play with RosFlight&RosPlane&Gazebo without real hardware and how can I plan a mission for flying!?

Thank you so much.
With My Regards.

For the ROS1 versions of ROSplane there is this repo:

It hasn’t been used in a number of years though and I’m not certain what it will take to get it working. We’re currently working on revamping the ROSflight project and QGroundControl support is one of the things we’ve considered adding, but currently no support exists.

I believe the waypoints are defined in pathplanner.cpp in the rosplane package, so you could manually input them there.

Hi Brandon,

Thank you. I’ll try to understand.