How to change simulation dynamics?

Hi there,

We are currently using ROSflight with ROSplane to simulate a fixed-wing like aircraft. However, while the small UAV model is ok, we were wondering if it is possible to implement our own dynamic model of the aircraft into ROSflight? That is, a propogate states -> spawn vehicle in new state -> delete vehicle -> repeat kind of loop is something we could try an implement, but if it is possible to just change the dynamics in the already made ROSflight code so we don’t have to deal with exchanging data with Gazebo, that would be awesome.


skporwal, NRC-FRL

You could modify the fixedwing forces and moments class in the rosflight_sim package pretty easily. Mass and inertia’s are define in the fixeding.urdf.xacro file. You could also just change the aerodynamic coefficients in the fixedwing.yaml file, if our dynamic model works for your use case. The model is an implementation of the simulation model derived in this book here:

We’re still using Gazebo for our ODE propagation and don’t have a good way to decouple the simulation from Gazebo entirely just yet. That is next on my list of things to do though, in preparation for adding support for other simulators.