Hello. I’m trying to get a fixed-wing UAV system to follow an object using image processing. Can you help me with this? You can find the link to my project from the title …

Hi @Burak_Yildirim, that sounds like an interesting project!

The ROSflight project is pretty limited in its scope. For fixed-wing vehicles, we provide firmware for common off-the-shelf flight controllers that will allow you to stream sensor data to ROS, and provide control surface deflection and throttle commands through RC and/or from an onboard companion computer, with good safety pilot integration.

The system is designed to be a starting point on top of which people can build their own higher-level functionality, including things like what you’re trying to do. We would be thrilled if what we’ve created is useful to you, although we won’t be providing support for any specific applications.

I’d recommend that if you haven’t already, you look through our documentation. The section on autonomous flight may be particularly interesting to you. If you have specific questions on usage beyond what’s in the documentation, please feel free to post in this forum!

You may also be interested in taking a look at the ROSplane project (also described in this paper), which provides an example implementation of how to do basic waypoint navigation with a fixed-wing, based on this book. This project is independent of the ROSflight project, but is tightly integrated with our ecosystem.

Hopefully that helps, and best of luck!

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