Installation of older version

I am using ROSFlight with a plugin that needs an older version of ROSFlight in order to work. The plugin requires the msg file GPS.msg which is not present on the newest version in the master branch. I tried reverting to an older version/commit but so far the ones I have tried give compilation error with I make ROSFlight. Is there a specific version/commit I can use that has the GPS.msg file and complies with ought errors.

Hi @delamet, I’m really sorry I just saw this post. Are you still trying to work on this?

If you’re building rosflight from source in your ROS workspace, checking out an older version should work. But be aware that you may also need to check out an older version of the firmware to be compatible (to flash on your flight controller). The simulation firmware submodule in rosflight_firmware should be compatible with whatever version of rosflight you’re using, so you could just use that commit.

The 1.0.0 release still uses the GPS message, so maybe you could start there. Although that’s starting to get pretty old. Is it possible for you to update the plugin you’re using to use the standard ROS NavSat messages?

If one of those options doesn’t work for you, what errors are you getting?