Precise autonomous navigation BeagleBone Blue

Good day all

I am busy building an autonomous skid steer rover. I bought a BeagleBone Blue as platform for my autopilot software.

I have tried both Ardupilot and PX4 Pixhawk but both have issues with the Beaglebone.

I do not see any support for the BeagleBone Blue and Ros Flight, do you plan such in the future.

I have a couple of surveyed in point at my disposal and the are in reasonable close proximity. The points were surveyed by a professional surveyor and also post processed.

I have developed an autonomous sub decimeter accurate navigation device that I want to mount to the vehicle and then have the autopilot autonomously navigate the vehicle to each of the way-points where it must “hover” for a few seconds to capture an image of the ground under the center of the antenna for the navigation device that is lined up with the camera lens center to determine the navigational accuracy of the device in a GPS unfriendly environment such as the urban canyon.

Any assistance will be appreciated